Have a Russia invasion!

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In the land of Gods and Monsters
I was an Angel
Looking to get fucked hard
Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer
Life imitates art

You got that medicine I need
Dope, shoot it up, straight to the heart please
I don’t really wanna know what’s good for men
God’s dead, I said ‘baby that’s alright with me’

No one’s gonna take my soul away
I’m living like Jim Morrison
Headed towards a fucked up holiday
Motel sprees sprees and I’m singing
'Fuck yeah give it to me this is heaven, what I truly want'
It’s innocence lost
Innocence lost

"And, more to the point, I love him….those bad times have yielded their own perverse treasures; they have turned each kiss to gold, each of his compliments, even the most offhand, into things to be treasured…I understand that his kisses and compliments are always sincere; they are always true things. He is a monster, but the monster is not incapable of love.” 
{Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story}

"If you really want to kill your brother, Margot, wait until you can get away with it. Or find someone to do it for you."

Put that thing back in the horse or so help me!


I could NOT stop thinking about the social worker in the horse after the last episode of Hannibal “Su-zakana”…and I know everyone watching…just wanted to see Hannibal finish what he started sooo…yeah I ship Hannigram after that episode.


Hannibal and Will in Season 1

Hannibal and Will in Season 2


Bryan Fuller ‏@BryanFuller  2 u


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